Why Is Weight Loss so Difficult?

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Why Is Weight Loss so Difficult?

The new year is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means we’re already thinking about our resolutions for the coming year. Many Americans put losing weight at the top of their lists — but unfortunately, it winds up being a goal they just can’t achieve.

That’s because while it seems all-too-easy to pack on the extra pounds, it’s frustratingly difficult to take them off again. Even when you stick to healthy eating and exercise, weight loss can come slowly or not at all — and keeping the pounds off is just as hard.

At his practice in Lakeland, Florida, family practice doctor Sergio B. Seoane, MD, helps his patients lose extra pounds and keep them off with custom weight-management plans tailored to each person's unique needs and weight-loss obstacles. Here’s why losing weight is so important and how medical support can help you reach your goals.

The importance of losing extra weight

Being overweight has both psychological and physical effects. Because those extra pounds affect the way you look, they can also affect the way you feel, taking a toll on your confidence and self-esteem. You may feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothes or you might avoid activities that would otherwise be enjoyable.

Physically, extra weight makes it harder to engage in some physical activities, and when you are active, you can find that you tire out more easily or have aches and pains. Some people who are overweight find they’re less social, which can lead to feelings of sadness, isolation, and depression.

Finally (and just as importantly), being overweight increases your risks of a number of serious health problems, like heart disease and heart attack, diabeteshigh blood pressure, stroke, and some types of cancer. Losing extra pounds helps decrease those risks, and it can also help you stay more active for added health benefits.

Why weight loss is so hard

Most people understand the many benefits of losing excess weight. What’s harder to understand is why weight loss is so difficult. Partly, it’s because so many factors can play a role in losing weight and keeping it off.

Some of the more well-known factors that can interfere with weight loss include:

  • Lifestyle habits, like snacking
  • Poor diet
  • Not being active enough

But there are lesser-known factors, too, like: 

  • Genetics
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Underlying health problems

Chronic stress can be a major factor for many people, altering metabolism (the way your body uses calories) and increasing the risk of metabolic disorders that lead to weight gain and impede weight loss efforts.

What a lot of people don’t know is that their own biology can wind up sabotaging their best efforts. That’s because your body is designed to make sure you get ample calories and avoid starvation. When you diet or expend a lot of calories through exercise, your body releases hormones that can actually slow weight loss, which is one reason why you may not see results of your efforts reflected in your scale.

How medical weight management can help

Because weight loss is a complex process, it’s no wonder that commercial diet plans fail so often. These plans are designed with general weight loss principles in mind and don’t take into account individual factors that play a vital role in your weight loss journey. 

It also explains why the simple, one-size-fits-all mantra of “Eat less and move more” isn’t as “wise” or effective as once thought. While that may seem like good advice, it also doesn’t account for individual differences that play big roles in weight management.

Medical weight management approaches weight loss differently. Instead of applying general principles to your individual weight loss journey, Dr. Seoane designs a weight management plan based on your unique lifestyle and health factors, so you’re prepared to succeed right from the start.

Every plan starts with a thorough exam, along with lab tests to identify issues that could be interfering with your goals. Throughout your journey, regular check-ins and support keep you on track, enabling Dr. Seoane to adjust your plan as needed.

Succeed in your journey

Make this coming year the year you tackle your weight goals head on with a plan that’s tailored to your needs and designed for your success. To learn how Dr. Seoane can help, call 863-644-2204 or book an appointment online today.