About Sergio B. Seoane, MD

Family Medicine located in Lakeland, FL

Sergio B. Seoane, MD, is an experienced family medicine physician with a private practice in Lakeland, Florida. He serves patients over 18, is fluent in English and Spanish, and is skilled in all areas of family medicine.

Dr. Seoane has over 33 years of medical experience. 

Dr. Seoane pursues continuing education to maintain his medical credentials and stays current with the latest advances in family medicine. His use of cutting-edge technology and treatments and his warm, compassionate demeanor puts patients at ease during their visits.

Patients with illnesses, injuries, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, allergies, asthma, lung diseases, and other chronic conditions can turn to Dr. Seoane for exceptional care in a welcoming, comfortable office environment.

He provides diabetes treatments, annual physicals, preventive and wellness exams, sick visits, comprehensive family primary care, and medical exams for pilot's who need a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Certificate.

Dr. Seoane welcomes new and existing patients to his practice and looks forward to caring for them.

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